Sir Doug Ellis OBE

“Having had no less than five different sets of hearing aids supplied by different people, including the NHS, I am delighted with the Phonak Audeo Hearing aids I have received from Steve Hale. His attention to detail, knowledge and particularly his after sales service is first class”

Sir Doug Ellis OBEAVFC Chairman

“I have worn hearing aids for more than twenty five years having graduated from NHS analogue aids, through NHS digital aids to private digital aids from three different companies. For the first time, I have aids from Phonak (Bolero Q90’s), and the quality and sharpness is the best I’ve experienced. An added bonus is that for the first time ever, I am able to enjoy music while driving my car. My aids are providing me with good sound and yet minimising the background noise from the roads and other traffic. I am especially pleased with the television/aid link that enables me to hear the programme sound directly from the television to my aids. This means that my hearing husband is now able to enjoy programmes at a sound level that is comfortable to him. Steve Hale has provided me with a first class service throughout from the initial contact, help with access to work, identifying the best options, through to making sure that they are set precisely to suit my needs. Working through the various aids and supporting equipment from the various companies is overwhelming so being able to rely on Steve’s knowledge and expertise made the whole process stress free for me. He was professional, friendly and dedicated to ensuring I had the support I need – and this has continued post purchase. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone.”

Jennifer ThorneBridgend

“It came as a big shock to find suddenly that I had lost the hearing totally in one ear from a virus. I was recommended to see Steve by the consultant who initially dealt with me. Steve was fully aware of how I was feeling and carried out the consultations with care and sympathy and was happy to spend the time explaining to me all the alternatives available. Once he had sorted me out with the relevant equipment, he subsequently followed up with further meetings to ensure that I was happy with what had been recommended. He has also kept up to date with modern technology and is able therefore to impart this information. As a result I have been able to make informed decisions about what should be the best course of action. At no time has there been a hard sell. Therefore, I would have no hesitation to pass on Steve’s name to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

Mr K SSutton Coldfield

” I have been very impressed, not only with your obvious skill as an audiologist, but importantly that this is allied with a personal service. Your willingness to experiment and think outside the box for possible solutions has been much appreciated, as has your responsiveness and willingness to help outside office hours. I very much like the way you are inclusive when you program the hearing aids and show what you are doing on the laptop – this leads to a greater understanding for the end user of what you are doing and the teamwork approach must maximise the chances of successful outcomes. Thank you again. I am also happy to speak to any potential customers if you need to get a reference.”

Mr GClent

“I am now on my second set of hearing aids from Steven, I must admit that being a local GP you hear differing reports regarding private hearing aid dispensers. I have had nothing but excellent service; also given that Steven works in a local NHS Audiology Department he has a wealth of knowledge at his disposal. I recommend anyone should see Steven for independent advice on hearing and hearing aids.”

Dr Anand M.B.F.R.C.SLocal GP

“Because of my deafness,(no hearing in the right ear and about a 70% loss in the left) I had a big problem. My current hearing aid wasn’t up to the job and I needed to get another. Access to work first put me in touch with Steven Hale hearing. Steven has looked after me very well for about five years now, and If I had any problems at all, Steven was very prompt in resolving them. The service from Steven Hale hearing has always been very helpful, extremely knowledgeable and professional.”

Mr MacalisterTamworth Staffs

“A caring and dedicated peron, who delivers a quality service”

Mr BriggsSolihull

“Many Thanks for my new digital hearing aids. Denial is a funny thing and I have had to eat humble pie from the wife and family, they have been on to me for years to get my hearing checked I never thought I had a problem with my hearing, but a month has now passed and all I can say is I would never be without them now. Your service and professionalism has been superb and I was most grateful that you were able to visit me at my home with all your equipment, rather than me having to struggle to get to you.”

Mr T JohnsonFour Oaks, Birmingham

“I was aware that I have a moderate hearing loss and following a recent hearing test was referred to Steven by the hospital ENT consultant. Steven made three hour long home visits over a period of 5 to 6 weeks explaining adjusting my hearing aids to my personal requirements. The home visits were a bonus, no hospital que…ues or delayed appointments. Any problems I know I can contact Steven directly for advice and he will make himself available. I have a follow-up appointment in a further six months meanwhile I am learning to listen and hear properly again which is a benefit to me and my family many thanks.”

Mrs J.TGreat Wyrley