Hearing Aids and Face Masks

With the Government announcement that face masks are compulsory in shops with effect from 27th July, and with social distancing continuing for the foreseeable future, those with hearing loss are presented with some incredibly unique challenges when wearing Hearing Aids and Face Masks. But we have an astonishing solution for you…

Firstly, what are the issues with Hearing Aids and Face Masks?

As a consequence of us having great relationships with our clients, they have given us some feedback on the issues wearing both hearing aids AND face masks.  We have been told of people’s aids flicking off, much to the embarrassment of the wearer, and, even worse, getting lost when being pinged off by the mask. An added complication of course is created if you wear glasses too! There is also no doubt that wearing a mask across the majority of your face is a great hinderance to communication – more on that later.

Has wearing a mask made you realise you were lip reading more than you realised?

Countless clients have shared with me how much more reliant they are upon lip reading than they ever knew – a revelation that has come as a real surprise to some. This is resulting in some clients having their existing hearing aids adjusted, to great benefit. As we know, there is now a ‘peep hole’ face mask available, whereby a clear panel has been inserted to allow for lip visibility.  Whilst these are without doubt a tremendous development, they are not without fault, as there is an issue of the clear pane misting over when the speaker talks. However, if the restrictions surrounding Covid have highlighted to you that you have some degree of hearing loss, or more loss than you thought, please come for a hearing assessment as soon as you can.

How is communication affected?

There is a general acceptance that approximately 86% of our communication is non-verbal – through facial expressions, hand gestures, body language and intonation.  The wearing of face masks has greatly impeded our means of communication, and, I fear, created more isolation than is necessary, if we are already hard of hearing.  There are many studies supporting the links between hearing loss and Alzheimer’s disease (read more here) and we believe we have the hearing aid to reduce this risk, by enhancing the opportunity for you to be able to be included, involved, and confident – not to mention safe. See below.

How can we help?

If you’re lip reading, come for an assessment, if your mask is pulling your hearing aid off, you may want to consider an in the ear (ITE) solution, and if you’re feeling more isolated and vulnerable than you should, we would like to introduce you to our new product – the  Livio Edge AI. This is the most incredible communication enhancer – much more than a brilliant Hearing Aid – just look at the list below as an overview of what this device offers:

  • Supreme sound quality
  • Body Tracking
  • Brain Tracking
  • Fall Detection and Alert
  • Translation
  • Transcribing
  • Reminders
  • Hearing Care Anywhere
  • Streaming of phone calls
  • Bluetooth connectivity

A little snapshot of some of the above:

  • Body Tracking tracks your daily steps, measures movement, and monitors more vigorous physical activity
  • Brain Tracking monitors the brain-health benefits of wearing hearing aids by tracking things such as social engagement.
  • Fall Alerts detect when a hearing aid wearer falls and sends an alert message to selected contacts
  • Transcribing is a service that creates text from the spoken word.
  • This device is as simple to use as a TV remote control
  • Starkey describe the Livio Edge AI 2400 as “Healthable Hearing Technology”

How incredible is that?

But will I feel secure in your clinic?

Prior to re-opening, we created, wrote and publicised a Covid compliant policy (read more here) based on government guidelines, legislation and a national forum of Audiologists, and since re-opening we have responded positively to any feedback from clients. However, there is nothing quite like a personal recommendation based on experience.  So, here is some very recent feedback from our client KH, which should tell you all you need to know.

“Having to attend Steven’s premises…the COVID-19 precautions that were in effect were first class.  After informing the reception (via e tele-com) a  nurse came to the entrance of the building to give me access and escorted me to Stephen’s office where we both wore masks and kept to Government guidelines…certainly recommended”.

So, one final question for you is;

What’s stopping you?

This is a truly revolutionary lifestyle device – a game changer for hearing issues.  Whether you are uncertain about it’s benefits, or, until now, you have been uncertain about committing to hearing aids, all you have to do is call and speak to Steven.  You will know from his passion for this product that it is well worth the investment.

Contact Steven Hale today.  Keeping you Safe Active and Social.