FM Systems Explained

Many people find that whilst their hearing aids help them to hear better, there are still some everyday environments that present challenges in relation to hearing adequately. These scenarios include listening to television, talking on the telephone, traveling in the car and in fact anywhere where there is a high level of background noise.

There are many solutions available to help in these situations, but Steven Hale Hearing can provide a solution for all of these challenges in one.

FM systems are discreet transmitters which enhance the sound of voices when in noisy environments. They can also be used to send other sounds to the receiver such as the TV, telephone or radio. The systems are connected to your hearing instrument and are perfect for people with active lifestyles. They can greatly improve your hearing experience when in places such as a restaurant, meeting or in church.

Dynamic FM

Steven Hale Hearing is pleased to introduce Dynamic FM into our portfolio of FM products. Dynamic FM, developed by Phonak UK, helps people with hearing loss hear better in even the most challenging of situations with its unrivalled wireless FM technology. The Dynamic FM is proven to boost signal to noise ratio way past those of traditional FM, especially in noisy environments and new groundbreaking features improve listening comfort even further.

Smartlink+ (Smartlink Plus) Crystal-Clear Sound Quality

Smartlink + is the product for those who want nothing less than the very best: in meetings, when it is noisy, over distance, at home and in work, even when watching TV or listening to music.

SmartLink + is a state of the art means of communication for people with hearing loss, offering stress free communication even in the most difficult situations.

It enables you to converse easily in hectic situations and concentrate when in meetings or lecture’s, just by placing it in the middle of the table. You can even use it to hear your favourite TV program when the family is rushing around nearby! At the touch of a button you can select the sound you wish to focus on and suppress the background noise.

The controls on the Smartlink + are easily activated and set in a user-friendly way, discreet and comfortable this device provides a whole world of communication in one instrument.

  • Dynamic FM
  • Latest Bluetooth version for mobile and MP3 use
  • Audio Input for wireless TV and audio enjoyment
  • Hearing Instrument remote control
  • Fast Charging Battery