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The legendary Lyric hearing aid

Thirty years ago, wearing glasses, spectacles, whatever you want to call them, was seen as deeply ‘untrendy’.  Nowadays, everyone from high profile celebrities to high school students are clamouring to find the slightest visual issue so that they can fashion their faces with the latest designer wear and statement spectacles.  Expressing yourself through your visual […]

7 Reasons to choose Audiologist Steven Hale

No-one wants to see an Audiologist. No-one wants to be diagnosed with hearing difficulty. No-one wants to buy a hearing aid – especially if it’s a choice between that and a holiday! In marketing terms, a hearing aid is very much a “grudge buy”.  You can get excited about buying a dress or some shoes, […]

An Amazing Swimming Challenge for Charity…

Your awesome Audiologist Steven Hale has always striven to keep his body just as healthy as our hearing!  Because of this, he has competed in triathlons as well as outdoor endurance swimming events, including the Great North swim.  However, when his wife told him recently that she was going to swim the distance of the […]

Saved from the torture of tinnitus…

Read this amazing account from one of our clients, in his own words, about how Steven Hale changed his life… “Hi.  I’m Dave Hough, a client of Steven Hale, and a passionate HGV driver for over 30 years.” How did your tinnitus start? “About 18 months ago, an HGV vehicle air suspension unit exploded very […]

Steve Hale Video Blog

Read Steven Hale’s You Tube video interview here…then click to watch the film! “Hi. I’m Steve Hale, private Audiologist based in Sutton Coldfield” How long have you practiced audiology? “I’ve been in audiology now for 22 years initially trained in the NHS, spent 19 years with my NHS practice and then in 2003 I saw […]

WHAT? There’s even more help out there…?

I’ve already got a hearing aid – surely, I don’t need anything else? There is a general misunderstanding that once you have been fitted with a hearing aid, there is nothing else that can be done to help you, aside from regular check-ups.  Well, alongside our state of the art, adjustable aids, we can now […]

Commendation and Testimonials

What’s so good about seeing a private audiologist? This is a great question, and one best answered by those who have actually taken the plunge, as you will see a little further down.  However, it does seem odd that there is such a need for private audiology, given that the NHS also offer some services […]

Hearing loss and Alzheimer’s

Is there a link between hearing loss and those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease? Based on the experience of some clients of mine recently, I began to wonder if there was any link between hearing loss and those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  In order to best answer the question, I turned to the internet, and referred […]

Hearing aids – let’s get technical

I am proud to be working in an industry that is constantly innovating to genuinely improve the lives of people with hearing difficulties. It’s a joy to me to be able to offer my patients continually evolving hearing solutions from a wide range of up to the minute designs that can be tailored to meet […]

What’s all the fuss about this NEW Virto B-Titanium ll hearing aid from Phonak?

Great question!  Just when you thought things couldn’t any better, Phonak have gone and upgraded their Virto B-Titanium, in canal hearing aid, improving its look, performance, durability, and reducing its’ size and have now launched the NEW Virto B-Titanium ll. What’s so good about titanium? Titanium construction makes it 15 times stronger than its’ predecessor, […]

We’re Proud to Announce the Launch of Midlands Ear Clinic

Steven Hale Hearing is pleased to announce the launch of Midlands Ear Clinic, a collective of three hearing professionals offering hearing services in Birmingham. The group comprises of audiologist and hearing aid dispenser Steven Hale, ENT surgeon Attila Dezso and hearing therapist Alison Flower. The group has already been working together for over a decade, […]

How to Remove Earwax Safely: Your Earwax Myths Debunked

Earwax is completely natural and a buildup or blockage is easily removed, but I often see patients who are misinformed about what earwax is and how to remove it safely. Therefore, I’ve put together the below article with five common questions I get asked about earwax removal, advice on how to remove earwax in a […]

The Hidden Costs of High Street Hearing Aids

The Hidden Costs of High Street Hearing Aids Here in the UK there are two main ways to acquire hearing aids. You either purchase them privately from a registered dispenser or you can take the NHS route to obtain hearing aids, potentially free of charge. Of course, there is a difference in quality between NHS […]

Free Consultations for Tinnitus Awareness Week

Tinnitus Awareness Week (#TinnitusWeek) is an annual event and this year it is taking place on 5th – 11th February. This national event is intended to generate discussion about tinnitus and raise awareness of the work being carried out and support provided by the British Tinnitus Association, as well as other services across the UK. […]

10 Hearing Loss Symptoms You Need to be Aware Of

How do you know if you are suffering from hearing problems? Hearing loss in one ear or two might not be noticeable at first, but if you are experiencing the following hearing loss symptoms, then it’s time to consult a professional audiologist: 10 Hearing Loss Symptoms Associated with Hearing Problems: You require constant repetition. You […]