6 Months in the Life of Serenade – Reducing the effects of Tinnitus

6 Months Using Serenade – This patient reports a 50% reduction in Tinnitus Disability.

You can see in earlier Blogs how this client has progressed, this is how he has progressed 6 months into using the Serenade.

He said that it’s been a bit of a mixed bag since he last saw me for the 3 week review. The first 3 weeks were excellent, he was getting periods of relief from his tinnitus. But after he initially saw me he then started to slip back and wasn’t getting as much relief from his tinnitus (although he pointed out he still was in a better place than he was before using Serenade).

He admitted that he was micro monitoring his tinnitus after the initial period. This is what he felt was hampering his progress. He has had hypnotherapy in the past, so 2 months ago arranged a session to help him stop micro monitoring his tinnitus. Since then he has come on leaps and bounds.

For the first 4 months he was wearing the Serenade religiously 4 hours a day, but has now dropped this down to 3 hours a day. He has however now got to the point that last week he had 2 1/2 days without using the Serenade at all.

He reports that on his scale he had 90% disability from his tinnitus when it started, now he would rate it at 40% disability. To go from 90% to 40% disability is a massive reduction, one that I have never seen before, let’s hope this is replicated in many other cases that I see.

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