Are we close to a cure for Tinnitus?

There have been many “Cure’s for Tinnitus” over the years. Unfortunately most have fallen short of what they promise.

So how’s this different?

The basis of the SoundCure Serenade are something called S-Tones. In short these S-Tones have shown to “Interfere” with the tinnitus at a cortex (Brain) level. Clinical studies have shown that in most cases patients have experienced relief from their tinnitus when using the device. 35% have reported a 70% reduction in their tinnitus.

Here is a testimonial from one of our clients who has suffered with continuous tinnitus since 2007, after 6 months use of the Serenade he is now having days – that’s correct DAYS, where he can not hear his tinnitus!

We are not saying this is “The Cure”, but it’s the closest we have and by far the best that we have experienced. We are not saying that every case will be this successful, but what we hear is that the majority of tinnitus sufferers just want a reduction. Whether that is a 5% or 15% reduction it’s better having a device which can help you regulate your tinnitus. That’s got to be something worth trying isn’t it?

This is what Philip had to say (In his words):

Steven, I used to hear Tinnitus about 90% of the time at a noise level of around 70% this was before using the Serenade, I have suffered with Tinnitus since 2007.

I started using the Serenade in October 2012 for 4hrs a day, 1 hr in the morning 30 mins lunch time and 2hs 30 mins at night, after 3 weeks the noise level dropped to about 40% and I was still hearing the Tinnitus around 90% of the time, this lasted for about5 to 6 weeks then the noise level increased again to about 60%. this stayed the same until the end of March 2013.
Since March 2013 I dropped the use of the Serenade to 3hrs a day and since then there has been a steady decrease in the noise level to to only about 20% and the amount of time I hear the Tinnitus has decreased to about 20% of the time. In the last 3 weeks I have had days when I have not had to use the Serenade at all.

For the last 6 days I have only had to use the Serenade for a total of one and a half hours, some of the days I can hear the Tinnitus but it is at a level that does not bother me, I cannot believe how much the Tinnitus has decreased, I now feel that I have a lot better quality of life due to using the Serenade.
My advice and experience of using the Serenade is to stick with it and be prepared to give it time to work, there were times during the earlier period of use that I did not think it would improve much more, how wrong can you be. I would say to anyone suffering with Tinnitus to give it a try you have nothing to lose but possibly everything to gain.
Many thanks to you Steven for your advice and help along the way.