We’re Proud to Announce the Launch of Midlands Ear Clinic

Steven Hale Hearing is pleased to announce the launch of Midlands Ear Clinic, a collective of three hearing professionals offering hearing services in Birmingham.

The group comprises of audiologist and hearing aid dispenser Steven Hale, ENT surgeon Attila Dezso and hearing therapist Alison Flower.

The group has already been working together for over a decade, providing a multitude of otology, hearing assessment and balance services covering the Birmingham and Midlands areas. Now, these three health care professionals are taking things to the next level by setting up the Midlands Ear Clinic (MEC), based at Spire Little Aston Hospital in Sutton Coldfield.

The idea behind this collaboration is to provide a comprehensive hearing service in one place; the MEC family is a group you can trust, to ensure your hearing needs are in safe hands.


Meet team behind Midlands Ear Clinic

“I have been a consultant since 2008, specialising in otology, hearing loss, management of vertigo and tinnitus. I have expertise in paediatric audiology, implantation otology, and skull base conditions. Our group delivers high quality, individualised ear care.”

Attila Dezso, ENT Surgeon

“To provide you with the best hearing experience possible, I supply the very latest hearing instrument technology. As independent dispensers, Steven Hale Hearing can give impartial advice on the instrument best suited to your needs, considerations and budget – and can offer most makes and models from world leading hearing aid manufacturers. From initial consultation through to diagnosis and treatment, your understanding, comfort and confidence is our priority.”

Steven Hale, Hearing Aid Audiologist

“Hearing and balance disorders have a big impact on a person’s life and cause disruption in work, family life and hobbies. This affects a person physically and emotionally. My role is to support and guide patients through the recovery process. Whilst very common in the population, hearing loss does not have to be a problem and can be significantly helped with treatment.”

Alison Flower, Hearing Therapist


Find out more about Midlands Ear Clinic

To learn more, visit the new Midlands Ear Clinic website, call 0121 580 7405 or email info@midlandsearclinic.co.uk