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“Hi. I’m Steve Hale, private Audiologist based in Sutton Coldfield”

How long have you practiced audiology?

“I’ve been in audiology now for 22 years initially trained in the NHS, spent 19 years with my NHS practice and then in 2003 I saw an opportunity that people wanted smaller, more cosmetically acceptable hearing aids, or more advanced hearing aids that weren’t available on the NHS, so I started my private business up which has thrived over the years and 3 years ago made the decision that this is going to be my full time job.”

What drew you to audiology in the first place?

“I was always a bit intrigued with audiology from the moment that my nan had problems with her hearing and ended up coming back with a hearing aid – how this small device made such a difference to her but also how she was kind of always struggling from time to time with it and then struggled to get the aid to do what it needs to be or get it adjusted correctly.  When the job came up to train as an audiologist it was something, I thought do you know what I could do this, and I’ve loved absolutely every minute of it.”

What services and products do you offer?

Offer everything from the initial diagnosis of hearing loss all the way through to the smallest, most cosmetically acceptable hearing aids that are completely invisible, that are worn for 2 months at a time, that not even your partner would know that you are wearing, all the way through to the most technologically advance hearing aid, such as hearing aids that are connected to your phone, via blue tooth, via wi-fi, connect up to your tv.  The job isn’t what I signed up for, you know, technology has had a massive difference on it.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of coming to see you?

Coming to see me I appreciate is a big step, nobody wants to admit that they’ve got a problem, and hearing is one of those as well.  The majority of people that come to see me haven’t come necessarily off their own back, but off the fact that family, friends, have actually noticed a problem, they reluctantly come in to see me and its all about assessment, you know, they’ve gotta come in, I need to see you, we need to asses the hearing first of all, which is the biggest part.

Any final comments?

“Yes, it’s a big step coming forward to see me.  What I will say is that you’re not just buying a product from me, you’re actually buying a service, package of care from me.  It’s a 2-way relationship when you come in.  we’re gonna be meeting up a couple of times a year.  I wanna do the best for you and your hearing, and as I say it’s gonna be a 2-way relationship, so we’ve gotta get on together, I’m fairly amenable, I get on with most people!”

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