What’s all the fuss about this NEW Virto B-Titanium ll hearing aid from Phonak?

Great question!  Just when you thought things couldn’t any better, Phonak have gone and upgraded their Virto B-Titanium, in canal hearing aid, improving its look, performance, durability, and reducing its’ size and have now launched the NEW Virto B-Titanium ll.

What’s so good about titanium?

Titanium construction makes it 15 times stronger than its’ predecessor, which is great news for durability.  It is built from medical grade titanium using sophisticated 3D printing technology meaning it is the smallest aid Phonak have ever produced. The shell is now 50% thinner than acrylic casings, meaning it is lighter than non-titanium models. It is water and dust resistant too.

What else makes it stand out?

Owing to its evolved construction and size, the Virto B Titanium ll can now rest up to 2.5mm deeper in the ear canal, which is tremendous news for its efficiency, and allows Phonak to call this product their “super discreet” hearing aid. It uses Biometric Calibration, which means it is precisely calibrated to the individual ear anatomy.  It is also hypoallergenic.

Does one size fit all?

Absolutely not!  The Virto B Titanium ll is a custom product, with attention paid to your needs and fit.  In fact, Phonak have created their own ‘fit guide’ to ensure that the device is in the correct position in your ear canal, to ensure maximum comfort and safety.  They even offer three different coloured faceplate options for you to choose from!

Phonaks’ fit guide for perfect positioning

Why should I choose the New Virto B Titanium ll?

If you are looking for a robust, high performance, “super discreet” solution to your hearing loss, whether it is mild or severe, built to withstand the hard knocks that life can throw at you, then this is perfect for you. If titanium material is good enough for high performance vehicles, watches, aircraft and the medical industry, then surely it’s good enough for your ear!

How do I get them?

All you need to do is contact me, Steven Hale, for a consultation, and we’ll talk about all the benefits to you of this incredible little product.

New Virto B-Titanium ll in one of three face plate colours