Fitting The Hearing Aid

Fitting Your Chosen Hearing Aid

We offer a bespoke hearing aid fitting service to ensure that your prescribed hearing aids meet the prescription.

We do this using special equipment to measure your prescription, called Real Ear Measurement or REM for short.

Everyone’s prescription is different and taking into account the audiometric tests we perform at the assessment stage, we can work out your prescription. However, everyone’s ears are different shapes and sizes and this will have a direct impact on your prescription. Unless the REM is measured then your chosen hearing aid will most likely not be giving you the correct amplification.

This process involves us inserting a small probe into your ear canal (this may sound daunting, but the procedure is pain free).

This allows us to measure what the hearing aid is doing in your ear; not in the average ear, but in your ear.

It is this kind of bespoke fitting that really sets the devices up to give you the best possible sound.

Real Ear Measurement Equipment