Phonak Audeo B-Direct

Connect to your mobile phone and TV

This new hearing aid features cutting-edge technology which allows you to connect directly to any Bluetooth® phone.

Take hands-free calls

Once paired, Audéo B-Direct hearing aids let you take calls hands-free.

They act like a Bluetooth wireless headset and utilise built-in microphones that pick up your voice. Plus you can hear the phone ringing directly in your hearing aids.

You also have the option to answer or reject call with a simple push of the button on the front of these hearing aids.

Adjust your hearing aids from your smart phone

Using the new Phonak Remote app, you can make adjustments easily from any smart phone

Connect to your TV

Phonak Audéo B-Direct easily connect to your TV or stereo system through a new compact multi media hub – called Phonak TV Connector.

This is a plug and play solution which turns your hearing aids into wireless headphones so you can enjoy your favourite TV programmes and movies in excellent sound quality.