Rediscover the sounds of Summer with Phonak Lyric – The World’s only 100% invisible hearing aid.

“This is a secret solution to a hidden hearing issue”

This extended wear hearing aid is completely invisible, can be worn 24/7 and suit your active lifestyle.

Lyric provides you with benefits unlike any other hearing aid.

These include wearing it while:

  • Doing any sport
  • Wearing a helmet
  • Wearing headphones
  • Showering
  • Sleeping

Lyric will also help with your ability to identify the source of the sounds around you and helps to boost your confidence in professional and social situations.

This hearing aid will sit comfortably in your ear canal, harnessing noise naturally without the need for complicated technology. No surgical procedures are required and the fitting process is entirely painless.

How does Lyric work?

  • Lyric is made from soft breathable high-tech foam, specifically designed to contour to your ear canal
  • Once placed – Lyric is 100% invisible
  • The unique design and positioning works with your
  • ear’s natural anatomy. To deliver a more natural hearing experience
  • This is a secret solution to a hidden hearing issue.

With Lyric you don’t buy a hearing aid, you subscribe to 24/7 excellent hearing.

Lyric costs less than you think and the monthly plan makes it very affordable.

For even more information on Lyric,

you can download the brochure below

Call 0121 308 2550 today to find out more about Lyric hearing aids and Lyric prices.

Phonak has recently upgraded Lyric to make it even more comfortable and reliable

This video explains in detail how the 100% invisible Lyric hearing aid works

Lyric and Tinnitus

If you are among the 10 – 15% of people who’s lives are affected by Tinnitus, don’t suffer in silence.

Lyric, as the only extended wear hearing device, is also a viable Tinnitus option as it provides 24/7 sound stimulation to the brain which helps replace missing input, often replaced by Tinnitus.

How do I get it?

There are four easy steps to enjoying better hearing and well being with Lyric:

  1. A professional Audiological Assessment.
    We will test your hearing and check if your ear canal is suitable for Lyric.
  2. Defining the correct hearing aid for you
    Depending on your degree of hearing loss and the size of your ear canal, we will choose the correct Lyric size for you.
  3. You can try Lyric risk-free for 30 days.
    Try Lyric for one whole month risk-free, after which you can decide if you want to continue to enjoy all the benefits of Lyric. *
  4. Wearing Lyric 24/7
    As part of your Lyric subscription you will receive regular aftercare and Lyric replacements.

*Professional fees apply

“Hi Steven, Thank you for a stress-free and rather fun session today. So far I’m really happy with the aids you fitted.  Some sounds are still exaggerated such as water splashing, paper crinkling and my car making funny noises that I never noticed before, but these may well settle down in time as my brain learns to cope.  People seem to talk loudly too. The best thing is I can hear Bob, and it actually reduced him to tears when he realised I heard what he whispered.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!   You can only imagine what this means to us. The aids are invisible and I can’t feel them at all so, so far so good! Best wishes, see you next week, and thank you.”

“I saw Steven’s advert and rang him in desperation on a Saturday morning and he made an urgent appointment to see me. When he fitted me with Lyric everything changed. I could hear normally again and no longer have to fear the problems I used to get. Steven’s service is exemplary and Lyric hearing aids are life changing”

Call 0121 308 2550 today to find out more about Lyric hearing aids and Lyric prices.