Introducing Lyric™ – The New 100% Invisible Extended Wear Hearing Aid

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This is what you have been waiting for!

The Lyric™ hearing aid is completely invisible and is the worlds first hearing aid which can be worn for extended periods of time.

No one can see how well you hear 24 hours of the day, seven days a week!

We are calling it the “The Contact Lens for Your Ear”.

The Lyric™  device is placed deep within the ear canal at our medical practice under microscope. At just 12mm long, it sits just 4mm from your ear drum by using the natural properties of your ear’s anatomy, you hear they way your ears were designed too.

Also because it can be worn all day and night – it lets you live your life without constraints. In fact people that wear Lyric say they feel like they are no longer wearing a hearing aid.

Product features:

100% invisible
Lyric™ sits completely in the ear canal and is the most cosmetically acceptable hidden hearing aid on the market.

Lyric is effortless
You can wear Lyric for all your daily activities, including showering, exercising and sleeping.People who wear Lyric say that they no longer feel like a hearing aid user.

Sound Quality
Due to the placement of Lyric, you are using the natural properties of the outer ear to improve localisation, feedback and occlusion.

Tinnitus Reduction
Lyric is the only hearing aid that can work 24/7 for months at a time, therefore providing continuous relief for those Tinnitus sufferers who benefit from a hearing aid.*

Fitting Range

As with any hearing aid, Lyric does not suit all types of hearing loss.

When you have your assessment your Lyric practitioner will advise you if your hearing loss is within the fitting range of Lyric.

For those that have had a hearing test before, the Lyric hearing aid works best for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. But due to it being placed in the ear canal, it is also important for the Lyric practitioner to examine the shape and condition of your ear canal, discuss your medical history and lifestyle to decide whether lyric is a suitable option for you.

However, as every ear is different, the only way to fully assess whether the Lyric hearing aid is right for you is to attend an appointment and try it, risk free, for 30 days**

*Individual replacement needs may vary. Duration of device battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear.

**Professional fees apply

Watch this short video to see how the Lyric invisible hearing aid from Phonak works