Phonak Virto M Black

Phonak Virto M Black

It is the first custom-made hearing aid with the benefits of Marvel Technology.

It is different from any other hearing aid seen before.

The Virto M Black IS a Stigma Busting hearing aid, encased in a black shell, it resembles a pair of wireless earbuds. Picking the vibrant black colour to try to beat the stigma of wearing hearing aids!

Phonak Virto M Black Hearing Aid

Virto M Black can be worn discreetly and comfortably in the ear all day and won’t fall out during exercise.

The aids are powered by the Marvel chip and have the following Key features:

  • Answer, end or reject phone calls with a simple push of a button without the need to touch the phone
  • Advanced connectivity – directly streams from both iOS®, Android™, or virtually any other Bluetooth®-enabled audio device.
  • A microprocessor chip that runs five wireless protocols at the same time including Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth LE, Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, Airstream Technology™ and Roger, providing the wireless connectivity that today’s wearers expect.
  • Fully compatible with Roger wireless accessories

All Virto M Black hearing aids are custom made using state-or-the-art 3D printing technology. On the inside, they deliver a personalised hearing experience thanks to Biometric calibration, which analyses 1600 unique data points from the ear to optimise directional microphone placement and ensure and exact fit.

Virto M Black was designed to blur the lines between a hearing aid and wireless headphones and, therefore look stylish and contemporary.

The Phonak Virto M Black is now available at Steven Hale Hearing.

You can see the full range of Phonak hearing aids available from Steven Hale Hearing over on our Phonak products page.

Woman Wearing Phonak Virto M Black Hearing Aid

Update: The Phonak Virto™ Marvel is also available in different faceplate colours




…and in a number of various shell colours

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