Sky V

Phonak Sky™ V

The hearing aid family for mild to profound hearing loss, specifically optimised for kids and teens.

Safe and Easy to use

Parents and carers can have peace of mind with the easy to understand indicator light featured on all 4 Sly V BTE Models.

The indicator light confirms that the hearing aid power is on, the Roger program is active and also warns of low battery.

The tamper-proof battery door and ear hooks offer increased safety for the youngest users.

SKY V housings are made from new light-weight, composite materials making them significantly more robust.

Robust and Customisable housing

With an IP68 water resistant and dust tight rating, they are available in 16 colours featuring an exclusive Mix and Match concept – 7 coloured ear hooks and 16 Roger receivers  (Link to Roger Pen page )for increased personalisation.

Technology to meet the needs of every child

SKY V further improves speech understanding and listening comfort with SoundRecover2 and dedicated pediatric operating

System AutoSense Sky OS. By creating an optimal listening experience SKY V allows children to hear better in more situations than before, enabling them to communicate with confidence.

Confidence is key

With Roger and the Phonak Wireless communication Portfolio

Kids and teens can boost their listening performance. Excusive to Phonak, the Roger and directional setting allows children to simultaneously hear a teacher at a distance and peers in close proximity.

This provides them with confidence in various listening situations. Sky V devices are RogerReady and automatically detect the signal from a Roger micophone.

Find out if Sky V is right for your child or teen. Contact us for a consultation