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Hearing Assessment

Hearing Consultation Carried out by Steven Hale, Audiology Director.

Steven has been an audiologist since 1996 when he trained under the NHS. His passion for hearing health has led him to setting up his own practice enabling him to make a difference to people’s lives by offering the latest in hearing technology and superb patient care.

Our consultations are very thorough, and we use the latest in hearing test technology to ensure you get the very best advice and help with whatever your hearing issues are.

A Full hearing consultation will take 90 minutes and comprises of:

  • History -Steven prides himself in listening to your concerns and the symptoms in order to fully understand your hearing difficulties.
  • Examination – Your ears will be examined for wax, infection or any other abnormalities. This is done using a video Auroscope (a high definition camera). Should you have wax blocking your ears, Steven Hale is a Registered Ear Care Practitioner which means he can remove wax using several methods.
  • Testing – Once Steven has established that your ears are clear, he can then proceed to performing a Pure Tone Audiogram (or Hearing Test). During this procedure you will wear a pair of headphones and be asked to press a simple button whenever you hear a sound.
  • Advanced Testing – Steven then proceeds to more in-depth testing where he will carry out Speech, Speech in Noise and Middle Ear Function tests to establish the specific problems within the audiological system.
  • Treatment Plan – He will then explain the results in great detail and he will make recommendations on how to move forward and get the best out of your hearing.
  • Further treatment – Should he feel it necessary, he may recommend that you be referred to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Consultant. He can offer best advice on which Consultant to see.

“People always tell me how their quality of life has drastically improved once they find the right hearing aids”

This fee will be deducted from any hearing instrument purchase you make with us.

“I have been wearing hearing aids, private and NHS, for nearly 50 years and suffer from severe hearing loss. Steven is the first Audiologist to get my settings almost perfect first time. In addition, I had been previously persuaded to no longer invest in private aids when I retired as they would not be worth it. Steven fitted a pair of high-end aids under trial conditions and the difference was dramatic. Coupled with other support equipment I am now enjoying quality music again and watching TV programs without subtitles. Telephone conversations are no longer a strain. Steven also dealt with a difficult problem for my daughter. He is notably not satisfied with only giving you quality hearing but works very hard to ensure you get maximum benefit from the amazing technology that is available.”

“I had an appointment with Steven Hale today and can now hear clearly for the first time in months! I was given a consultation beforehand and felt that he really listened and noted what I said. The procedure was very thorough and painless, and I was provided with before and after pictures. I was left well satisfied with my treatment.”