Covid-19 – (Coronovirus)

It is with heartfelt regret that I have to inform you that we are now Closed, with immediate effect.

Up to now, I have been following the guidelines set out and have been going above and beyond, to ensure that my clinic continued to run whilst taking every step to minimise the risk of COVID-19 being spread.

But the guidance we have been given, to stop ALL Non-essential contact and social distancing of no less than 2 meters means that I can not safely continue to offer my services as I would be breaking the 2-meter rule. I am not prepared to take the risk to both the health of yourselves and that of my family.

My wife is also a Key Worker (within education) and although I would prefer her not to work & expose herself to the children of other Key Workers, it is her job and she wouldn’t think twice about supporting her children and their families at this unprecedented time. Which could also mean that I could be inadvertently exposing you to the virus.

Through my work as an Audiologist, I find myself on a daily basis breaking down social isolation by helping my clients hear again and therefore being able to partake in social situations once again. But with COVID-19 I don’t class myself as the 4th Emergency service & the risk not only to my family’s health, but to yours from me continuing to work is not worth it.

Heed the warnings please, we have all seen on the news that many are still going about their daily lives as though nothing has happened. Stay at home, if you are in a high-risk group or are not feeling well then Self Isolate – avoid all non-essential contact.

If you are struggling with your ears, hearing aids or just want to chat to someone then my phonelines will still be open. Many of my clients have hearing aids which can be adjusted remotely and for those who haven’t, call me if your having any issues & I will do my very best to help (at a distance). I will also be offering postal repairs for those who I am unable to help over the phone.

Stay safe, stay isolated and lets all get through this as swiftly as possible.

Kind Regards
Steven Hale
Audiology Director.