Starkey SoundLens

Starkey SoundLens

With Synergy iQ hearing solutions

These tiny, in the ear canal, hearing aids have been developed to provide you with the best hearing experience.

They feature:

  • New acuity immersion which allows you to access a broad frequency range
  • New acuity quiet which allows you to preserve peace and quiet
  • New speech indicators in a wide range of environments
  • New Smart VC allowing users to receive expected volume gains
  • Experience manager to increase patient comfort and satisfaction
  • Music enhancement focusing on music enjoyment, desired loudness and sound quality
  • Interactive intelligence to enhance your conversational experience

Soundlens IQ ( wireless) version is compatible with all Surflink wireless accessories,controllable using Smartphone with Surflink mobile 2.

Surflink mobile 2 is a multifunctional device:-

Remote control

Remote directional microphone

Blue tooth giving hands free streaming directly to your hearing aids and for taking phone calls.

Soundlens non wireless is controllable using your smart phone through the T2 app.

Find out if the Starkey SoundLens is right for you. Contact us for a consultation