Commendation and Testimonials

What’s so good about seeing a private audiologist?

This is a great question, and one best answered by those who have actually taken the plunge, as you will see a little further down.  However, it does seem odd that there is such a need for private audiology, given that the NHS also offer some services in this area, so let’s have a think about that…

The NHS offer hearing services so why should I go and see someone privately?

Yes, it’s true, the NHS do offer some hearing services, and even free hearing aids in some cases, which is brilliant.  Sadly, many people have to wait rather a long time for a referral to the specialist services of an NHS audiologist, having firstly fought to get an appointment with their GP. Also, the NHS does not have an unlimited range of products to offer and may be slow to adopt new technology.  In fact, as you research the NHS website, you will see that they clearly state:

 “…while several modern hearing aids are available on the NHS, these are usually the BTE (Behind the Ear) or very occasionally the RITE (Receiver in The Ear) type. You may need to pay for private treatment if you want one of the other types…The waiting time for getting a hearing aid on the NHS can also sometimes be longer than the wait for private treatment


Private audiologist, Steven Hale, is fanatical about finding and sourcing the latest technology to suit his clients’ needs, from the top designers and manufacturers, such as Phonak, Oticon, ReSound and Starkey. He is also keen to share his findings and brand-new research from across the international field of audiology, as you will see from other blogs on his website.

Is the private service all about selling products though – I hate being sold to?

Steven Hale Hearing prides itself on supplying life changing solutions to a wide variety of hearing difficulties. Some of these are simple, one off treatments for ear wax, and others may include the process of finding a hearing aid compatible to your individual needs.

In fact, Steven Hale is so focused on his clients, that he has just been commended in the Audiologist of the Year Award 2018.  The citation for his award reads:

“…commended by the judges in the 2018 Audiologist of the Year Awards for the high levels of professionalism, care and commitment shown to patients…”.

This is clearly a person committed to people, NOT driven by sales.

But is it expensive?

There is no doubt that cost is a factor when you are considering investing in any private medical service.  However, when it comes to your hearing health, and the ability to have your life changed by the best possible treatments and solutions available, the cost can gain more perspective.  Imagine being able to take part in lively, group discussions again, or feeling safe because you can hear the traffic behind you or having the technology to use your smart phone hands free – and access to almost immediate help from one of the best experts in audiology. Don’t forget, no waiting lists, no being passed between departments, and no scrambling for a parking space on an NHS car park!

In conclusion

We mentioned earlier that we would refer to those who have already taken the private audiology plunge, so here are some of their most recent comments:

“Having used the NHS hearing service for fifteen years…I researched the web and realised there are improved aids on the market that can offer much better clarity and also adapt to social situations…I initially balked at the price of state of the art rechargeable aids…soon realised that the experience and care that Steve offers cannot be replicated and the same hearing aids are now functioning at a much improved level…thank you Steve, for all your patience.” (Liz P)

“Excellent service from Steven, I managed to get a next day appointment after an issue with blocked ears…I have been to my local GP many times to have my ears cleaned but nothing comes close to the treatment Steven applies…my hearing is back to full working order and my ears feel as clean as a baby’s…I wanted to give 6 stars…” (Andrew Piwowarczyk)

“Life changing experience…I heard birdsong for the first time in years…he even stopped by on Christmas eve to make an adjustment – who else would do that?…”. (Tim Lees)

Can you really afford to be without this personal, bespoke level of care?

If you would like to read more about Steven Hale Hearing’s tremendous achievement, please click on this link, or visit his website