Insure your Hearing Aids, Now!!

Insurance, insurance & insurance, it never stops. Insure the car, insure your house etc etc.

A hearing aid is most probably in the top 5 most expensive things that you own. It’s small, easily misplaced, lost or damaged.

We work closely with Assetsure, who offer standalone policies to cover loss of your hearing aids. Click here to read more about the policies they offer.

You may think, I could never loose them or damage them.

Here is my Top 5 Lost & Damaged claims:

  • Dog has eaten the hearing aids – This has to be the one I hear the most, why would a dog want to eat my hearing aids I hear you saying. If you accidentally leave them turned on in the box, they will whistle – So yes your dog thinks it’s a toy, to be chewed!
  • Left the aid on the Coffee table at the Train Station – Client removed it to change a battery, just as train was coming in, in the rush to get to the platform left it on the table.
  • My Purse was stolen – This one is Self explanatory.
  • I drove over my hearing aids – A bizarre one, but you haven’t seen the next one yet! My client was going away for the weekend and put his hearing aids in their box on top of his bag. Transferred bag to car boot, hearing aids fell off. After suffering a weekend without the hearing aids, guess what he found on the drive when he got home!
  • I ate my hearing aid!!! – Sounds unreal, but when I explain you will feel sorry for him. A 95 year old gent whom I have seen for years. He is registered blind, he has always removed his hearing aid when answering the phone (doesn’t need to now, but old habits!) He put the hearing aid down on the table (Or so he thought). Finished his telephone call, went back to his Salad – “CRUNCH”

So get on the phone now and check your hearing investment is covered for loss or damage. Also check at each renewal that it is still specified! Most companies offer new for old as standard on items like these as they know that after a year a newer model has taken over from it.