Tinnitus Solutions

Unfortunately there is no magic “cure” for tinnitus, but  we believe that it can almost always be treated and its symptoms improved.

Every persons tinnitus is unique, we believe that the key to successful treatment is to being treated as a unique individual with treatment fully customised to your specific problems.

To ascertain what is the best treatment, you will need a full and comprehensive consultation in the first instance. We are happy to have an informal chat over the phone in the first instance, to see if we can be of assistance.

Some solutions are:

Advice & Counselling. In a large number of cases we see, just having a chat and “understanding” your tinnitus is all some need. Understanding where your tinnitus comes from and what can aggravate it can help in your recovery.

Tinnitus therapy. Some people will need a structure rehabilitation package, you may of heard of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  or Sound therapy. We do not believe in following one particular model but believe in a holistic approach to treatment. Taking the important parts of each treatment and customising them to your individual circumstances.

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Noise generators, these can be anything from bedside noise generators used just at night all the way through to;

Ear level noise generators which are professionally fitted to your ear(s). These are designed to give your ears/brain something else to listen which is outside the body and therefore not a threat, so you learn to ignore the tinnitus. These can be very effective, as long as you follow the specific customised treatment plan designed by your healthcare professional.

S-Tones® This is a brand new treatment which was developed in the US, we are the only centre in the west midlands to offer this breakthrough technology. S-Tones are sounds that are fully customised to the client, taking into account the pitch/frequency and loudness of your specific tinnitus. This is the breakthrough, it’s the first fully customised tinnitus device.

Studies by researchers suggest that the use of S-Tones may play a role in promoting tinnitus suppression. In other words, it’s the first device shown to offer relief from, rather than masking or taking the mind off the tinnitus which is what other devices do!

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Amplification, if your hearing is not what it should be then this will have a negative impact on your tinnitus. This extends to having the correct hearing aid(s) and settings, Steven specialises not only in tinnitus management, but also hearing rehabilitation.

85% of Tinnitus patients also have a hearing loss, there are now hearing aids available which have a dedicated tinnitus program within them.

Phonak’s Audeo Q is our favourite, with it’s inbuilt Tinnitus Noise Generator.

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