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Hearing Assessment

Our hearing consultations are very thorough, we use the latest hearing test technology to ensure you get the very best advice and help with whatever your hearing issues are.


Talk to us about the ringing, whistling or buzzing in your ears, to learn how our treatments or therapy can help.

Wax Removal

Sometimes ear wax can naturally build up in your ears, which can be annoying and affect your hearing. Contact us to discuss quick, painless solutions.

Ear Wax Removal Birmingham

Hearing Aids

Our top 4 hearing aids for you on video below:

Invisible Hearing Aids

Advancements in hearing aid technology mean it is now possible to have hearing aids that are completely invisible. Yes, 100% invisible!

Premium with connectivity hearing aids

A brilliant recent advancement in hearing aid technology is Bluetooth connectivity – perfect for ‘on the go’ communication.

In The Ear Hearing Aids

These tiny hearing aids are customer crafted to fit entirely in your ear canal, using computer aided design and the latest generation of advanced materials. Comfort is guaranteed.

Receiver In The Ear Hearing Aids

A small, slim hearing aid sits behind the ear and the earpiece itself sits inside the actual ear canal. It’s discreet, brilliant – and comes in a range of colours.

Introducing Lyric™ – The New 100% Invisible Extended Wear Hearing Aid

The world’s only 100% invisible hearing aid – designed to be worn 24/7 for weeks, and excellent for exercising, swimming and showering in too.

“Many Thanks for my new digital hearing aids. Denial is a funny thing and I have had to eat humble pie from the wife and family, they have been on to me for years to get my hearing checked I never thought I had a problem with my hearing, but a month has now passed and all I can say is I would never be without them now. Your service and professionalism has been superb”

“I saw Steven’s advert and rang him in desperation on a Saturday morning and he made an urgent appointment to see me. When he fitted me with Lyric everything changed. I could hear normally again and no longer have to fear the problems I used to get. Steven’s service is exemplary and Lyric hearing aids are life changing”


We supply products that cover a wide range of price brackets and strive to provide the very best solution within your budget.

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“Steven came to carry out a hearing test on our Mid Morning presenter Danny Kelly at BBC WM. He was quickly able to detect moderate hearing problems and advise on the next steps. His knowledge was outstanding, all of our questions were answered. Bearing in mind this was carried out whilst live on the radio! Most importantly Steven was really friendly, attentive and made everyone feel comfortable.”

Steven Hale Hearing features on BBC WM Radio - How Important Is Your Hearing
Hearing Assessment on the BBC with Steven Hale Hearing
Steven Hale on BBC WM Radio Show

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