Safe, Comfortable, Instant Microsuction Earwax Removal in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Ear wax is naturally produced by the glands in the outer third of your ear canal.

It helps to lubricate and protect the skin in your ears. It has antibacterial properties and helps to repel dirt.

But sometimes ear wax can build up in your ears, which can be annoying and affect your hearing.

Steven Hale Hearing offer two ways to clean your ear wax;

Irrigation: This is where a soft pulse of water is passed into the ear to loosen and flush the wax away

Microsuction: A gentle suction is used to remove wax and debris from the ear canal.

Hi Steven, Just to say a Huge Thank You for sorting out my Hearing problem last Tuesday. Also for seeing me so promptly, a next day appointment is excellent service. As you know I had my Ears Syringed twice in a Fortnight at my GP with no success but the Microsuction treatment you applied gave instant relief. What a difference! It was quick, clean, Painless and over in minutes. I wished I had come to you sooner. You explained everything clearly and Precisely. I will certainly use you again and have no Hesitation in recommending you to others. Once again a Huge Thank You for restoring my Hearing. Kind Regards, Keith Williams.

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On occasion there may be more complex ear canals (those that have had surgery or people with perforations in the ear drum) where an ENT consultant would need to carry out the procedure which we are able to organise for you. Steven Hale Hearing are fully qualified to perform both irrigation and microsuction.

Microsuction earwax removal is the most safe and comfortable form of earwax removal available. No fuss, no mess, no ear drops clogging your ears up further for days before, just instant relief from your earwax problem. Read on to see the different ways of providing Microsuction.

Steven Hale qualified in 2011 as a Clinical Ear Care Practitioner, and recently he has qualified to take out wax via microsuction.

For hearing aid users, wax removal is extremely important.  Blocked ears and hearing aids don’t mix! & having to put oil in for a week or so before the wax is removed leaves you blocked up even further, unable to use your hearing aid(s) so you are left in total isolation and suffering until it is removed.

Steven uses the latest video otoscopy, where you will see for yourself the condition of your ear canal.  This will then determine the best method for removal of your wax, and he will show you again the result at the end of the consultation. He will even email you the pictures following your consultation – If you want!!