Phonak Audeo Paradise

My life changing trip to see Steven Hale

“My life changing trip to see Steven Hale – and now I’m in Paradise!”

Here, Carol Moore, talks us through her experience with Steven Hale – from not knowing him at all, to being amazed by the difference he has made to her life.

What made you contact Steven Hale?

“I have suffered with sinusitis and rhinitis for a long time, with doctors able to offer very little help.  Then, when I was on holiday in November, my hearing suddenly deteriorated. At the time I thought it was my sinuses so tried all the home treatments I knew, but they made no difference.  Then I remembered a relative whose tinnitus had been so bad that he could no longer cope with it and was finding life unbearable. By chance he made an appointment to see Steven Hale. It saved his life. Steven was honest with him and told him he couldn’t cure him, but he could make it possible for him to manage it successfully. Steve was so confident and reassuring and explained things so well, he left the appointment a different man – 2 years later he is managing very well!     It was a recommendation I hoped would would benefit me so naturally I called Steven Hale

What was your experience like?

“At my initial appointment, I was most impressed with Steven’s experience and confidence – he spoke like no-one else.  After the assessment, he told me my hearing had ‘plateaued’ and that a hearing aid would help.  I remember having to lean forward across the desk to hear what he was saying! Steven suggested the Phonak Paradise, and we tried it straight away.  As soon as I was wearing it, I sat back away from Steven’s desk as his voice was suddenly so clear! Steven said it was almost as though he had made me jump!  Oh, the difference it made!”

What happened next?

“The next day my husband and I ‘experimented’ with the aid.  One of the first things we did was put the TV on. Immediately I called to him “Turn it down, it’s killing me!”.  He replied, “It’s been killing me for months!”.  We noted that we had to turn the volume down from 50 to 21! Then my daughter visited and called to me

upstairs in her usual voice “Not so loud!” I said to her! I then showed her my Paradise hearing aid – it’s so small and discreet she hadn’t even noticed! In fact, it’s so tiny and comfortable that I’ve had to ask my husband to check that I’ve taken it out at bedtime – otherwise I hear the traffic outside when I’m in bed!”

What difference does the Phonak Audeo Paradise really make to your life?

“The difference is incredible! Soon after I had it, we had friends round, so there were six of us in a room.  Usually, I would busy myself making drinks and snacks because I couldn’t hear them or really join in, but with the Paradise I could hear everything.  Also, I’ve noticed other people in my family are leaning forward to hear, and I find myself wondering how different things could be for them if only they were tested by Steven Hale. The Phonak Paradise has enabled me to fully engage with family and friends, where previously I would have to ask them to speak up, or I wouldn’t join in – it’s so clever it adjusts in crowds and street noise – and even monitors my walking!  When I watched TV before the hearing aid, I would lip read.  This meant I could catch most of the words but found myself ‘filling in the gaps’, which meant I would often miss things, or misinterpret what was being said.  Not now! I can hear everything!  I have no idea how it works – but I’m glad that it does! Also, I have full confidence in my hearing when I wear a face mask.  This hearing aid has significantly changed my life.  Now I can join in EVERY conversation – even my husband said it has made a huge difference”

What advice would you give to someone worried about the ‘stigma’ of wearing a hearing aid?

“Go and see Steven Hale.  His confidence, ability, and enthusiasm for helping you is so reassuring.  No-one knew I was wearing a hearing aid – until I asked them to lower their voice!  Give it a try – it will make such a difference to you, your family, and even your neighbours if you live in an apartment.  Until you try, you won’t believe what a difference this tiny, comfortable device will make.”

Final thought from Carol

“When my husband found out the cost of the aid, he thought it was expensive.  I said to him “It will last for about five years, plus I get two free consultations a year and computer adjustments wherever possible.  So, when you divide the cost down, it actually costs less to run than your Audi!”

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