Jack’s Journey

Here at Steven Hale Hearing, we don’t just dispense hearing solutions and great advice, we also like to get to know our clients – especially what drew them to us in the first place – and hear their stories.

Almost six years ago, Jack Pearce realised he needed help with his hearing.  Initially he spoke to his friends and family members about where to go and what to buy, and then decided to go to the cheapest local option.  Jack was fitted with some high street hearing aids which seemed to make a difference, so he settled with them for a few years.

However, recently, Jack began to notice Steven Hale Audiology in the local media and publications and started to read his adverts and the information he shared in the community.  He even heard that Steven had been used as a consultant for the BBC TV programme Doctors, so thought he must really be an expert!  It was then that Jack wondered if there was more to good hearing than his original purchase was providing, so decided to call up and give Steven a try.

Jack’s nearest clinic was Sutton Medical Centre, so this is where he attended his first appointment.  Immediately Jack felt in safe hands with Steven, but more than that, he felt he was truly being listened to.  One of the things Jack particularly liked was that Steven did a great job with “…no fuss…”.

“I find he’s really helpful and there’s no fuss.  I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but he comes round even out of hours to help with any broken equipment or problems!”

At one visit Jack told Steven that he thought his wife might have a problem too “…and he had her straight in and vacuumed her ears out…!”  Whilst this is not exactly how Steven describes his wax removal service, it was still great to be of help!

When we spoke to Jack for this article, we asked him if he could tell us something negative about Steven Hale – his reply was a flat “No!” This was followed up with “After every visit I always come away happy”.

“In fact,” said Jack “He even phones me regularly to make sure that the equipment is still okay”

“Of course, I’d like the very top of the range aids, but Steven doesn’t push them on to me, and I’m happy with what I’ve got – after all, I’ve had two pairs from him!”

“Steven is a true gentleman and makes you feel as if nothing is too much trouble.  He is helpful, considerate and reliable.  I would recommend him without any problems.”

During this period of isolation, it’s great to be keep in touch with likeminded other people – and hearing real stories from real people is always interesting.

“Thank you Jack, for giving us your time, consent – and photograph – and telling us your story. It’s always great to see you!” Steven Hale. Audiologist.

Would you like to share your Steven Hale story? Drop us a line with your contact details, and we’ll call you for a brief chat – just like we did with Jack!

Thank you, and stay safe…