Steven Hale aims to keep you “SAS”. Safe. Active. Sociable

Anyone who works in the caring services will tell you that they wanted to do so in order to “make a difference” to the quality of life of those they serve. This is what drew Steven Hale to audiology.  Steven knows how hearing loss impacts on your life, so does everything he can to help.

Why safe?

We have spoken before of the difficulties you may experience with panoramic sound if your hearing is imperfect. Very often this may cause you to develop an ability to lip read to some extent and interpret what is being said via a combination of expressions, gestures and the reactions of others.  This may not have massive impact in social situations, but out in public it can be deadly.  Imagine that you are out shopping or crossing the road to have coffee with a friend or with family, and you don’t hear the screech of a car’s brakes warning you of imminent peril, or the sound of a heavy goods vehicle reversing alarms.  Neither might you be able to hear a person’s cry for help, or a shout of ‘danger’. These are all issues that are avoidable.

Why active?

Because activity is good for you! Many studies have been conducted to ascertain if hearing loss and Alzheimer’s are related, and it does suggest some correlation (NHS article ). However, exercise is a great therapy in itself, whether it’s walking in the park, playing with the grandchildren, swimming, holidaying or playing tennis or bowls. It’s great for the soul and the spirit – but becoming involved in these does rely on a certain level of confidence to enable participation, and hearing loss will limit this.  You should not feel unable to be active simply because you have hearing loss. That’s why I offer a great range of hearing aids to suit your level of activity.

Why sociable?

Just at a time in life when we may be becoming less confident in ourselves, and our abilities, we may start to experience hearing loss for one reason or another.  Devising you own ‘coping mechanisms’ may “get you through” a variety of situations, but it will do nothing to boost your confidence.  This may in turn lead to you starting to withdraw from certain environments.  Suddenly, perhaps, the weekly golf club dinner is less attractive, or the sewing club seems too challenging. Really, they needn’t be. Without doubt, we humans are social creatures – we want to talk about our lives, how the family are, the trouble with the neighbour’s dog, and what rubbish is on television! We thrive in company and social circles – this is a necessity, and I can help.

In Summary

Hearing loss is a hidden disability – but the solution can be just as invisible.

“I am committed to giving you every opportunity to be safe, active and sociable, because I know it matters to you.  Therefore, it matters to me.”

Contact Steven Hale Hearing today, and see if he can change YOUR life.