Saved from the torture of tinnitus…

Read this amazing account from one of our clients, in his own words, about how Steven Hale changed his life…

“Hi.  I’m Dave Hough, a client of Steven Hale, and a passionate HGV driver for over 30 years.”

How did your tinnitus start?

“About 18 months ago, an HGV vehicle air suspension unit exploded very near to me, causing percussive damage to my ears, leading to tinnitus.”

What were the symptoms?

“An awful, high pitched noise causing insomnia, and, as an HGV driver, my doctor refused to give me sleeping pills, so signed me off sick.  This led to depression and anxiety – although I didn’t know this for a while.”

How long did you put up with it before seeking help?

“Six months later, desperate to return to work, I returned to my doctor with a list of tinnitus calming aids and drugs I had researched from tinnitus help groups and websites.  My doctor said, ‘sleeping pills are addictive, and everything else on your list is either unproven or rubbish…look for another job’”.

What led you to Steven Hale?

“I found Let’s Talk Wellbeing – a government run scheme that helps people back to work. I was assessed by a psychiatrist and 18 sessions of therapy followed – and a course of anti-depressants.  They also advised I ask my employer for help back to work, as, by now, they had admitted responsibility for my accident and were duty bound to help me. This resulted in Occupational Health referring me to Steven Hale Hearing.”

What was the process for your treatment?

“At our first meeting, Steven listened patiently whilst I told him of my tinnitus hell, and the anger, frustration and desperation I had suffered.  It was so uplifting to talk to someone who understood the misery that tinnitus brings – the opposite from colleagues who had said “…you’re off work for a noise in your ears?…”.  It was such a relief that Steven genuinely believed I wanted to get back to work.  He then inspected my ears and advised me how to cope not only with the physical noise but also advised some psychological techniques that might help me lessen the noise.  In his report to my Occupational Health he recommended noise generating hearing aids to mask the tinnitus.  He also suggested that I “buddy up” as a passenger with another driver to help me back into a routine. This happened, and now I’m back at work!”

Would you recommend Steven Hale to others with similar issues?

“Absolutely I would! He is one of the few professionals I have met that understands the solutions to our hearing misery – they are not always cheap or affordable to everyone and so he doesn’t push his products.  He gives you the range of options, his advice and prices, then leaves you decide how to proceed.”

A final comment?

“Steven Hale, I cannot thank you enough.  I was desperate for help.  You truly changed my life.”

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