An Amazing Swimming Challenge for Charity…

Your awesome Audiologist Steven Hale has always striven to keep his body just as healthy as our hearing!  Because of this, he has competed in triathlons as well as outdoor endurance swimming events, including the Great North swim.  However, when his wife told him recently that she was going to swim the distance of the English Channel for charity, Steve couldn’t help himself! “Then I’ll do it too – twice!” he boldly promised…

Now, Steve currently swims a couple of times a week, generally not more than a mile at a time.  This challenge requires that within 12 weeks he will swim double the length of the English Channel at a nominated local pool.

The numbers. 

The English Channel is 22 miles long.  Steve’s local pool will be Wyndley Leisure Centre.  Ergo, 1416 lengths – twice! Yes, that’s right. In order to support The British Tinnitus Association, Steven Hale has committed to swimming 2832 lengths in Sutton Coldfield’s finest!

The rest of the story

Niki first read about the challenge on Facebook and shared her enthusiasm for it with Steve, who immediately offered his support – but then doubled the stakes for himself!  The pair actually started the challenge on the 15th August, and the ‘rules’ state:

22 miles, 12 weeks, in your local pool. 

This means Steve and Niki have until the 15th November to complete their swim.  The preparation advice is that, to start with, he swims four miles per week, whilst Niki does two.  “In the first session I managed to double her distance in the same time, but now she is getting faster and I am the one struggling!” said Steve, recently. “I thought it would be a nice gentle challenge for two great causes – I obviously didn’t do the math beforehand!”

When asked what the hardest part of the challenge has been so far, he replied “Fitting it in around the family, kids, dancing, Dad’s taxi and work!”

What about the charity you have chosen to fundraise for?  “As you can imagine, The British Tinnitus Association is very close to my heart.  The work and support they provide is amazing – and, with such a variety of treatments now available, can truly change lives.  I thought I would give my clients, friends and family the chance to support this great cause too.”

Will there be another charity challenge for you after this one?  “I’ll have to have a very long, hard think about that! Who knows though, maybe the next one will be the actual English Channel!”

Have you learnt anything about yourself as you build up to the big event? “Yes.  Think before you open your mouth!”

I’m sure we all wish Steven – and Niki – the very best of luck and success with this incredible challenge.

If you would like to make a charity donation to The British Tinnitus Association, then please just click on this link to Steve’s ‘Just Giving’ page.

“Thank you all very much for your custom, your support, and your generosity.  Maybe one day we really will live in a world where Tinnitus doesn’t exist”. Steven Hale. Audiologist.