7 Reasons to choose Audiologist Steven Hale

No-one wants to see an Audiologist.

No-one wants to be diagnosed with hearing difficulty.

No-one wants to buy a hearing aid – especially if it’s a choice between that and a holiday!

In marketing terms, a hearing aid is very much a “grudge buy”.  You can get excited about buying a dress or some shoes, a fishing rod or car accessories, but it’s very difficult to visualise “Hearing Aid” on anyone’s Christmas list!

So, why should we book an appointment to see Audiologist Steven Hale if we are at ‘risk’ of being ‘diagnosed’ with a hearing difficulty, and then have to face the subsequent issue of buying an aid?

Well, you might not have a lasting problem – he may actually be able to cure your hearing loss!  Imagine spending days, months or even years with impaired hearing only to be told that it’s merely a build-up of wax which can be painlessly removed almost immediately.

In reality, however, we tend to know if we have a more lasting hearing issue.  We may have learnt to live with the bilateral, intermittent, dual ringing tones in our ears.  We may think that everyone has the telly turned up to sonic boom, and we may even be rather glad not to be able to hear absolutely everything our spouse tells us (!). But, let’s get serious about the other implications surrounding hearing loss…

Safety for one.

Some hearing conditions will affect our ‘surround sound’ and impair what we can hear in an open environment – such as in traffic.  Whether we are driving on a road, or crossing the street on foot, not hearing effectively can have tragic – avoidable – consequences.

Social isolation.

It is well documented – though not openly spoken about – that difficulty with hearing can lead to either self-inflicted or impatience driven solitude.  By this we mean that the person struggling to hear may become so frustrated and embarrassed by their ‘problem’ that they will simply stop asking people to repeat what they said.  Secondly, that those people who are continually asked to repeat their comments may become frustrated themselves and apply an ALMOST imperceptible ‘tut’ or ‘eye roll’ as they go over the comment one more time, in a loud, impatient voice.  After all, sharp hearing is crucial for your active involvement in jokes, anecdotes and witticisms.

Mental wellbeing.

Hearing loss in many instances is age related, often affecting (though not exclusively) the older community.  During our years of increasing maturity, we may lose confidence in ourselves and our environments – especially given the current rampantly developing technological era we are living in – and begin to withdraw. This might be enhanced if a person is less able to hear clearly which may in turn result in a decline in mental wellbeing.  A reluctance to socialise, engage with family, neighbours, friends, or even go to work will all impact on our sense of pride, belonging and confidence – and could lead to depression, stress and anxiety.

So, here are 7 reasons why you SHOULD make an appointment to see Audiologist Steven Hale:

  1. Steven Hale won an Audiologist of The Year Commendation “…for the high levels for professionalism, care and commitments shown to patients…”, AND is 5 star rated on Google.
  2. Generally, you will get an appointment within 24 hours – without the need of a GP’s referral.
  3. Steven takes the time to listen to your whole story and journey so that he can recommend the most effective help for you – read more from his client Dave Gough here
  4. Steven offers long term service, care and support by forming an honest, professional, relationship with you.
  5. Steven is passionate about all innovation and change within the world of Audiology so that he can continually offer the best, newest and most effective solutions to best meet your hearing needs.
  6. Steven is hugely experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of hearing health including ear wax, tinnitus and hearing loss.
  7. Steven Hale’s services can change your life – and you will enjoy your holidays even more!

Improved hearing health is just one phone call away. Call today to book an appointment. 0121 308 2550.